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Seattle Marijuana Dispensaries Will Remain Open

Seattle Marijuana Dispensaries Will Remain Open

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/28/2011 in Medical Marijuana News

Today is a good day to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle, Washington. Seattle mayor Mike McGinn on Wednesday signed a law requiring medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle to be treated and regulated just like any other business. dispensaries will need to follow building codes and public health regulations, as well as obtain a business license. Although federal authorities have given no assurances that they won’t prosecute fully compliant Seattle dispensaries, the city refuses to give in to threats and curtail the medical marijuana law that Washington voters approved in 1998.

The law came after the City Council unanimously passed the ordinance, hoping to clarify city law related to dispensaries. Earlier this year, a similar law, meant to both legalize and regulate dispensaries at the state level, was vetoed by Governor Chris Gregoire. McGinn, and the City Council hoped that passing this new law will at least help in alleviating a bit of the confusion surrounding medical marijuana in Seattle.

“Prohibition does not work,” McGinn said during a ceremony at City Hall. “I wish I could say that the action we’ve taken will provide complete clarity to the public, the law enforcement personnel and to medical marijuana patients, but it does not. We are in a time of transition, and because of a conflict between state law and federal law, the law creates an interesting situation.”

As it is in most of the state, the only safe way for medical marijuana patients to obtain the marijuana that they are legally allowed to possess is to grow their own. This, however, is not a practical method of obtaining marijuana for all patients, including those living in small apartments and those who are suffering the effects of crippling diseases such as multiple sclerosis. This law was put into effect to hopefully change that, and help those with a prescription for medical cannabis get safe, legal access to the medicine that they and their doctors have determined can help them.

“The goal is to make sure people don’t have to buy their medicine from the drug dealers,” said City Attorney Pete Holmes.


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