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How to say, “Enough is enough” with Marijuana Prohibition

How to say, “Enough is enough” with Marijuana Prohibition

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/20/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Public Support for Marijuana is soaring these days and it seems that every passing week, more people jump on the bandwagon. This is because people are becoming educated on the fact that marijuana prohibition is not founded on science and stems from political lies, racism and the systematic suppression of truth.

While a handful of states have already legalized recreational cannabis and with a few more in the works, we can with near certainty that the demise of prohibition is on the horizon. However, while we have taken gigantic strides there is still a lot of opposition to overcome.

This article is designed based on a request from one of our Facebook users, Michael Trigo, on ‘how’ can we say, “Enough is enough” in regards to Marijuana Prohibition.

Get involved in Local Politics

Even though cannabis legality is ultimately a Federal issue, the major changes are happening on a local level. The best bet would be to place your focus and attention on the Legislative branch of your state government, which has the power to create laws, amendments and so forth. It would be worth your while to find out who your local representative is, to make contact with them, and to find out what’s happening with marijuana laws within your state.

For best effect, bring with you evidence of support from your communities. This could include signed petitions, documents illustrating public support and even real cases where people could benefit from medical marijuana.

Do some research beforehand, bring facts and figures to support your case including “how much your state is spending on marijuana prosecutions, death tolls due to opiate overdoses etc”.

IF for some reason your representative is wholly against cannabis, it might be time to start working on electing someone ‘Pro Pot” instead. While I won’t go into the detail on how you or someone you know can run for office, if your representatives aren’t willing to support the will of the people, it is your duty to replace them by either running yourself or finding someone who wants to.

Educating the Masses

If you happen to live in a state that is ignorant to the benefits of cannabis, the first step would be to educate the masses. You can do simple things like create cannabis fact sheets (and distribute them), public debates in your local colleges and more. Be sure to conduct enough research or to find an expert in the field to help you with this process.

At Marijuana Doctors we try to give you the ‘guns’ to fight with, however we need people on the street and in neighborhoods for the information to reach those unwilling to do research themselves. This means you need to get involved. We’re not saying you should quit your day job, but you can dedicate a certain day of the week to hold rallies, talk to people within your communities and more.

If all else fails, mass protests and public defiance of unjust laws

It is your duty as a free human being to stand up against unjust laws. Like so many before you, breaking an unjust law is a massive statement. Rosa Parks broke the law when she was asked to ‘give up her seat to a white person’ in a bus and since then has been dubbed “the mother of freedom”.

This is because the law was absolute hogwash and unjust to the very core. Her public resistance to such laws inspired millions of others to stand up for the cause and today we live in a very different society because of that simple action.

While smoking a joint in front of a police station, courthouse or even State capitol building by your lonesome would be an exercise in futility, it would be very different if you have a few hundred people doing it or even a few thousand.

Organize rallies and display public defiance of unjust laws, call news vans and make some noise. For mass effect, this should be organized on a national level and executed simultaneously. Rest assured that if you are going to conduct a protest of this caliber, you can count on the support of Marijuana Doctors to spread the word.

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