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Why roughly 5.6 billion people would want Marijuana Legalized Today

Why roughly 5.6 billion people would want Marijuana Legalized Today

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/02/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Cannabis legalization is well under way and while there is still some opposition, it seems that each year the legalization gains more momentum. There are plenty of reasons why we should legalize cannabis, whether it is for medical reasons, inflated prison populations or diverting funds from the criminal element.

The other day however I stumbled upon some old news about top world leaders urging governments around the globe to legalize/decriminalize all drugs. While this might be a bit extreme for some, they do have sound reasoning in their arguments. Yet legalizing all the drugs in the world isn’t the purpose of this article. Rather, I would like to focus on one point that really stuck out when I read the proposal of these world leaders.

The Unquenchable Pain

I believe, if people are made aware of the facts that they might be able to muster up enough compassion to allow those that suffer access to medicine. It is no surprise that roughly 60% of all medical marijuana patients use cannabis for pain relief.

For some prohibitionists this is merely an ‘excuse to get high’ however rest assured that cannabis is a stellar pain reliever. People who use cannabis for pain relief can attest to this statement.

Yet what would happen if you were suffering from pain and medical marijuana wasn’t available? In all likeliness, you would use opiate-based pharmaceuticals to help you deal with the agony. While not good for your liver and with plenty of nasty side effects, the fact of the matter is that despite all of this you would still find some relief from the pain.

However, what would happen if you didn’t have access to pharmaceutical pain meds? This is the reality for roughly 80% of the world’s population. That is 5.6 Billion people who cannot obtain pain medicine when they are suffering because either it is too expensive or it is inaccessible in their region. Can you imagine suffering from chronic pain without any relief in sight?

Cannabis is the Answer

Anybody can plant a cannabis seed, nurture it and make it yield its sweet-sweet flower. You don’t need a lot of money for a regular crop, especially outdoors and it has proven to be an effective medicine for pain. For those who are suffering and do not have access to pain medication, cannabis would be the optimal solution to their woes. For those not suffering from pain, to deny these people the relief they deserve is a real crime.

The problem is that most people do not see the ‘medical’ aspect of cannabis. It’s time we allow those who need this plant urgently free access to it; it’s time to cut the political red tape once and for all!

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