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The Rise of Cannabis Advertisement

The Rise of Cannabis Advertisement

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/28/2015 in Medical Marijuana Trends

With the ever growing popularity of cannabis, it is only a matter of time until brands will begin to want to advertise their products through traditional mediums such as television, ads in the paper and even billboards.

One such cannabis ad was pulled recently from Denver airwaves although the ad never once mentioned cannabis. The Neos vape pen was targeted to the Denver demographic due to the legality of cannabis in the area. It simply showed people having a good time in a club, others hiking and other camping. The basic message was that Neos Vape Pen is a ‘new way to relax’ and obviously insinuating cannabis as the remedy.

Why was the ad pulled?

The Federal Government regulates the airwaves and seeing that cannabis is still a schedule I substance, they deemed it unfit for television. Unlike their ads where pot smokers literally melt into a couch, depicting cannabis as anything short of evil is not tolerated by the FCC.

However, every other commercial you see relating to alcohol is just fine essentially sending the message that ‘this intoxicant is okay’ but the herbal alternative is ‘irresponsible and dangerous’.

We can’t really blame the FCC since they are merely an extremity of the vile beast spawned from the twisted imagination of closet fascists, or ‘prohibitionists’ as we know them today.

The Rise of Cannabis advertisement

Where there is a market, there is advertisement. The cannabis market largely depended on ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing techniques due to its illegal status. However as four states and the District of Columbia all have legalized cannabis for adult use, and 24 states with some sort of medical marijuana program in place, the political environment has changed drastically in relation to marijuana.

In turn, as more brands begin to place their roots firmly within the legal industry, their need to target customers will become apparent. You can expect more commercials like these appear as time moves on. One of these days cannabis will be de-scheduled and once that happens, there will be a brand new arena for advertisers to get their grubby hands on.

Besides, if beer commercials were ‘cool’….cannabis commercials will be simply Amazing.

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