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Research Shows Cannabis is Effective in Reducing Pain

Research Shows Cannabis is Effective in Reducing Pain

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/11/2013 in Medical Marijuana Research

The population of the 21st century is subjected to a constant bombarding of ideas that define the line of behavior of man kind. It is now common to find medication advertising on television for trending diseases caused by the same pharmacology industries that cure it. While this hypnotic wave of people follow the material marketing world, others suffer from real serious diseases that provide horrendous pain to the person that suffers from it. These type of diseases, such as: sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, amongst others… Come with a great amount of suffering and a hand full of medication that impacts the economy not only for the ones that have the disease, but also to the relatives that provide emotional and economical support.


Pain is natural reaction of the human body that allows us to react to threats provided by the environment; it also presents itself as a warning allowing us to realize when something in our body is wrong. It usually presents itself in tolerable amounts and when it increases, medical doctors provide a certain amount of analgesics and painkillers that can reduce its range eliminating the problem. But, what happens when painkillers are not enough? The answer is not simple; pain can cause a variety of side effects to the lives of the effected. When pain increases, the person who suffers it can change his behavior in a negative manner. Pain increases and the amount of pills grow with it providing several disorders in a physical and psychological level.


Pharmacology brings an easy solution to the problem, it creates a “patch” that allows the person to continue with their normal activity, the problem comes when the body of the patient becomes familiar with the medication. Then the doses increase providing disorders in the digestive system such as gastritis, colitis and other diseases, which eventually can form an ulcer. When medication stops being effective, patients can´t get rid of pain, making them susceptible to its presence, this susceptibility conditions the patient to a surviving mode, in which changes in mood and behavior become present. When a person is constantly exposed to pain, they become more irritable, depressed and in some cases it ends up in self-segregation.


There are many alternative solutions for pain one of them is cannabis. Research from Colombia University, shows that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be used to treat AIDS and chemotherapy, reducing the amount of pain and nausea. However, studies reveal that ingesting cannabis in an oral way provides a greater amount of relief than smoking it. Marijuana pills reduce the pain in a significant way, reducing sensitivity to it, lowering its range and increasing the patient’s tolerance to it. Cannabis pills do not have a negative effect in the digestive system, they allow the patient to reduce symptoms and regulate mood swing caused by the initial pain. Pharmacology has become the solution and future problem for those who suffer from degenerative diseases and chronic pain. Cannabis provides an alternative solution suitable for pain treatment and the negative effects on the human body and psyche.

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