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How Reefer Madness Works in Modern America

How Reefer Madness Works in Modern America

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/15/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Reefer Madness is still as prevalent as it was in 1937 and the simple minded still accepts the BS. A recent article published in CBS Atlanta misled thousands of readers by this false title: “Study: Marijuana Linked to Lung Cancer.”

Whenever my eye catches a title like that, especially since I know that it’s false, I read it immediately. After skimming through the 210 words of prohibitionist infused “news” I spotted a few flags that I think the average free thinking human being should be made aware of in order to avoid falling subject to the misconceptions presented by modern day Reefer Madness.

The Flags of Deceit

Study, Researchers, Doctors have discovered – These hype terms are used to mislead the average person into believing that credible facts support the claim. In this particular article the word “Study” is placed in the Title with the false statement right next to it. Secondly the study was conducted in Sweden and even the results are 100% subjective. In no way does this “study” prove the statement to be true however this was not really highlighted within the title.

Who conducted the Study – Whenever you hear these hype terms you need to follow the money. Who is paying for it all? In most cases these studies are funded by anti-marijuana organization and government sectors. How can a trial or a study be objective in nature when the people who fund the study created specification to only report the “potential harms” of marijuana. Thus always do your research and follow the money to the source. You’ll find that most of the “marijuana is bad” studies are tainted by people who benefit from its illegality.

Lack of Sources – Finally when you analyze one of these articles you always need to see how many sources they cite. In this particular article they don’t provide a link to the original study and only vaguely admit that the actual study is not entirely accurate. You can decipher for yourself that this is merely an exploitation article in order to draw hits on the website.


The problem with these exploitation articles is that it does affect people who do not take the initiative to see whether the information presented is factual or not. This in turn becomes a subconscious thought in the mind of thus said person who becomes resistant to marijuana legalization because somewhere on the internet once he or she read that a “study said that marijuana causes lung cancer”.

This is precisely the function of Reefer Madness; a subjective long con to convince you that this essential plant, a beacon of health…will kill you!

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