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How to Reduce Crime with Cannabis

How to Reduce Crime with Cannabis

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/02/2013 in Medical Marijuana

This statement might puzzle a few readers but the truth of the matter is that Cannabis can reduce crime or rather the legality of Cannabis would do so. A few countries in Europe have already proven this to be true and with total drug legalization have reached numbers as high as 80% reduction in petty crimes such as theft and even more serious crimes such as armed robbery, burglary and muggings.

As it turns out that when a modern nation decides to treat drug addiction as a public health issue as opposed to law enforcement issue some wonderful things occur;

  1. Stop Producing Criminals – By not arresting drug users nor pursuing the manufacturers, distributors and retailers and you rather implement taxes you create business opportunity. Addicts to drugs would have access to clinics funded by these taxes and the lack of a criminal record will not taint their future. You can kick a drug habit but a prison record will outlive you.
  2. Re-Focus Law Enforcement efforts – Let’s face it. We are tolerant of drug consumption. With so many pills promoted on television, with alcohol being sold on every corner and with tobacco still at large we can safely say we are a society that allows drug use under certain perimeters. By publically acknowledging this fact and integrating this into society we would be able to free up law enforcement to pursuit real crime. All drug users would now just become consumers just as is the case with alcohol and tobacco. Personal preference would not be criminal.
  3. Addiction Control – Statistically speaking addiction rates drop when drugs are legalized. This occurs because now addicts won’t have to “purchase” drugs on the street but obtain “free” access to the substance in a controlled environment. This reduces the need to steal to pay for their addiction. Under a controlled environment their risk of overdose is greatly reduced and additional therapy may be provided to steer someone to the right direction living addiction free. This in turn is not only a more humane approach but gives the addict a chance at a normal life instead of slapping a prison record on him or her.

With Law enforcement free from chasing people and their consumption habits they can start focusing all their attention on real crime; Rape, Murder, Robbery, Extortion, Human Trafficking and so on. Imagine what would happen if you took the entire Drug War budget and re-directed its purpose to weed out real crime. How long would it take to eradicate some of the most horrendous criminal nests festering in the shadows of society? Legalizing Cannabis has an effect on more than just cannabis…much more is at stake here.

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