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Recent Poll Shows Voters Support Legalizing Pot Like Alcohol

Recent Poll Shows Voters Support Legalizing Pot Like Alcohol

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/23/2012 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

Just about six out of every ten American voters believe that the personal use of marijuana should no longer be a criminal offense. Even better, as reported due to a recent nationwide Rasmussen telephone poll, 56% of Americans now say that the substance should be legalized similar to that of alcohol. 1,000 voters were polled.

According to the same telephone poll, nearly 58% of the respondents said they believe that it should not be a crime for someone to smoke marijuana within their own privacy. 32% of the respondents believed that such activities should remain illegal and unchanged. 63% of self-identified Democrats agreed that the personal use of marijuana should not be considered a crime as opposed to the 49% of self-identified Republicans. A very solid majority of the respondents polled 56% saying that they favored legalizing marijuana and regulating it as if it was alcohol or cigarettes and tobacco.

As for males that were polled, 61% said that they favored the legalization of marijuana as opposed to 52% percent of females. A vast majority of the respondents within every age group that was polled said they favored the legalization of cannabis, including 50% of those who are 65 years of age or older.

However, amongst the respondents who have children, only 49% of them said they are in favor of legalizing the drug. Which is not that astonishing considering every parent tries to shield his or her child from the chronic.

The growing support for legalizing marijuana has risen to nearly 57% when the individuals polled were asked, “Do you favor legalizing marijuana if “no one under 18 could buy it, it was banned in public and there were strict penalties for driving under the influence?” The noticeable yet slight gain in overall support was largely due to a recent spike in support among respondents with children and self-identified Republicans. The sampling error margin is around +/-3 percentage points with a striking 95% level of confidence.

A nationwide Gallup Poll conducted in 2011 had reported that 50% of Americans supported legalizing the use of marijuana for adults, and 46% of the respondents had said they opposed legalizing the use of marijuana as a whole. These reports from the Gallup Poll in 2011 mark the very first time that the polling firm, reported that more Americans are in favor of supporting the legalization of marijuana than opposing it. The Gallup Poll firm has tracked Americans attitudes towards marijuana since the late 1960’s.

The most recent Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, conducted in April of 2012, reported that 47% of adults believe that the United States should tax and legalize marijuana in order to help solve or be a catalyst in the nation’s current fiscal problems. Around 42% of the respondents completely disagreed and around 10% remained undecided on the issue.

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