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Questioning the Morality of the Drug War

Questioning the Morality of the Drug War

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/11/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Is it moral to prohibit non-violent, non-offensive behavior? The Drug war rhetoric always sounds so “selfless” and “Righteous”.

“DON’T legalize cannabis for the children!”
“KEEP marijuana illegal for the sake of order in society!”
“This is an America of Family Values, just Say No to Drugs!”
“We are waging a War on Drugs to Keep America Safe!

While all of these “reasons” for maintaining drug prohibition seems to be righteous in nature none of them are actually saying anything. None of them have any foundation in science or reason and none of them actually do what they claim.

Children aren’t any safer with cannabis legal or illegal. The fact is you can’t overdose on cannabis which means even if a child gets his or her hands on a joint or two you can rest assured that you won’t find your child choking on his or her own vomit as in the case of alcohol.

Socially speaking under a legal cannabis market there would be less crime, police would be able to focus on real criminals and the legal system would work more efficiently in addressing real issues within society. Order would be kept at a higher more efficient rate.

Current American Family values are non-existent. Let’s not fool ourselves any longer. This McDonald loving, Booze Juggling, Pill Popping society is fixated on what artificial reality stars and Celebugods tell them to do. Children are raised by the Internet, parents are slaves to their credit cards and corporations rule the White House.

Finally the War on Drugs only protects those who benefit from drug prohibition. Mexican Cartels are now said to have infiltrated more than 1,000 US cities. They are adapting their strategies and beginning to cultivate inside of the United States. The War on Drugs actually encourages the expansion of the illegal market as profits sky rocket the scarcer cannabis becomes. With higher profits they are able to purchase political favors and “get out of jail free cards”. In turn the money gets send over the border back to Mexico which is used to purchase US guns which is used in slaughtering thousands of innocent people in the US and in Mexico.

The Bottom Line

If morality is a deciding factor in the debate of cannabis legalization then the very concept of the drug war should be a reason why marijuana should be legalized. If morality is an element in the equation then we should consider what morality means;

Principles concerning the distinction between

right and wrong

or good and bad behavior.

To truly understand morality then we must also question what “right or wrong” means;

Sense of right and wrong

– motivation deriving logically from ethical or

moral principles

that govern a person’s thoughts and actions

As you can see the sense of “right or Wrong” is based on “moral principles” thus “morality is based on Morality” or in other words the perception of social morality. The current application of “morality” in terms of the drug war thus is not an accurate use since the majority or the social perception relating to cannabis now “favors legalization” and thus making the Drug war in itself an immoral action.

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