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What if we put marijuana legalization to a national vote?

What if we put marijuana legalization to a national vote?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/02/2015 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

It is very evident that cannabis is on its way to becoming a legal commodity in the United States. While many states already have some form of legal cannabis on the books and more on the rise, there are some states that still haven’t jumped on board.

However, there is a majority of the United States that is on board with legalizing cannabis. The last national poled showed that 52% of Americans are ready for legal cannabis with an opposition of 45% according to Pew Research.

If we truly lived in a democracy, shouldn’t we put issues like this to a national vote?

Voting for important changes

The entire nation has to vote on important changes such as who is going to be the new president, elected officials and so on. While the US is primarily a representative government, the people should have some say in the laws that govern them. Especially when it comes to laws that affect people who are entirely affecting themselves only.

A crime should not be determined by an action, but rather to the effect there of. If the action leaves a victim, whether to property or person, then and only then should we begin to involve law enforcement.

A victimless crime such as consuming cannabis should not be of the concern of law enforcement efforts since there is no difference to the freedom of consumption of alcohol. If we don’t feel compelled to regulate the consumption and distribution of alcohol, then we should not do so for any other substance that doesn’t create a victim.

Would Marijuana win?

It’s hard to say, however based on trends cannabis has a very good shot of winning if placed as a national vote. With 52% in favor and 45% opposed, it seems that cannabis would be legalized. However, depending on how marketing efforts go, the 7% undecided could become a determining factor.

Nonetheless, as more time continues, the numbers in favor of cannabis legality are only growing. Whether it becomes legal through a national vote or state-by-state the fact is that there is an inevitability to the fact that cannabis will one day soon be another commodity in the service of society.

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