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Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014

Prohibitionist D-Bag of the Year 2014

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 01/06/2015 in Marijuana Politics

As we come to the end of 2014, we have the unique opportunity to look into retrospect on what has happened in the world of cannabis. While we have achieved some serious obstacles and lost a few battles here and there, cannabis has had a great year.

Yet with all the good news, achievements and goals met this year, cannabis did have a lot of opposition from a few key people this year. Thus, we have devised a small piece on who the biggest D-Bags were to the cannabis movement in 2014.

I have limited this to only 3 candidates since there are a lot of prohibitionist D-Bags out there. While I have made my nomination for the Biggest D-Bag of them all, I’d love to hear who you think should be crowned the D-Bag of the year.

D-Bag Nominations

  1. Kevin Sabet – Co-Founder of Project SAM and avid Drug Warrior who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that cannabis remains an illegal drug. Not only did he use government money to fund his anti-cannabis rallies in Oregon, he has appeared on numerous news networks speaking against the legalization movement. His arguments are based in the ancient drug war rhetoric that “children will use it more if it’s legal, what’s the message we’re sending to our kids and addiction increases”. It’s noteworthy to mention that he also makes money from rehabilitation and thus stands to lose a great deal if cannabis was made legal.
  2. Bill O’Reilly – The godfather of D-Bags made our list this year because he’s loud, proud and as outdated as a Floppy Disk. One of the most notable d-bag moves of his was his editorial piece on the Denver Post and them hiring a Cannabis columnist where even his own analysts disagreed with him. Like a concrete floor, you won’t get anything through his thick skull because as you know “Bill-O knows best”. However, to be fair, the more he speaks about cannabis, the more he convinces people to legalize it mainly because of his irrational stance on the subject. As with most prohibitionists, he is okay with alcohol and tobacco…but don’t touch the devil weed!
  3. Nebraska & Oklahoma – Okay, these aren’t “people” but they are on our list. The AG of each state filed a suit to challenge Colorado’s legal marijuana system. While most people believe they are merely pissing in the wind, the move to suit another state’s legal system is D-Bag to the extreme. The reason they are suing Colorado is because they cannot contend with the influx of cannabis into their states and argues it’s costing them money. Here’s an idea…why not legalize it and generate millions in tax dollars that could fund your schools, roads and healthcare system.

And the Winner for 2014 D-Bag Award of the Year

**Drum Roll**
And the Winner for 2014 D-Bag Award of the Year

While the decision wasn’t easy to make we believe that Mr. Kevin Sabet takes the prize mainly because he used Tax Payer money to fund Anti-Cannabis propaganda in states that were legalizing. It’s okay if you’re against cannabis, but don’t use MY MONEY to spread your tripe.

Congratulation Mr. Sabet…you’re our D-Bag of the Year!

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