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How Prohibition is killing your Kids and the Rise of Designer Drugs

How Prohibition is killing your Kids and the Rise of Designer Drugs

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/05/2015 in Marijuana Politics

An influx of ‘designer drugs’ specifically created to act as ‘legal alternatives’ to currently prohibited drugs have seen a spike in emergency room visits usually among younger demographics. These ‘legal highs’ are usually untested, unregulated substances that imitate the high of other drugs.

Prohibition creates new drugs

These drugs are a direct side effect to the War on Drugs. The fact of the matter is that some people love to get high, regardless of the consequences. Many people are in prison today because of their love for drugs.

Yet if you are to present a substance that ‘isn’t illegal’ and promises to achieve the same results as illegal drugs, you have a market willing to try anything.

The problem is that since these drugs are new, untested substances, people don’t know the health consequences, proper dosages and the long-term effects on the subject. In turn, people abuse, overdose and at times could end up dying because of use.

The Original is better

There are many substances currently on the Controlled Substance Act that are considered as dangerous as Heroin and Meth, however scientifically speaking are far less dangerous in comparison. Things like mescaline, psilocybin, MDMA and even LSD have been used in clinical trials prior to it becoming popular party drugs.

MAPS, are currently working on several of these substances finding it to have medical value in a wide array of psychological disorders.

These are drugs that have a history with mankind, in some cases dating back to thousands of years of usage. While I’m not suggesting everyone should get high on psychedelics, if we have to compare these substances to the ‘designer ones’ that are coming to the market, ensuring the user’s safety is much more prominent with these ‘older drugs’.

The Case of Cannabis

In the case of cannabis, the drug that is ‘imitating’ it is known as Spice or K2. This ‘synthetic marijuana’ (which isn’t an accurate description) has caused many emergency room visits and had severe health impact on a number of users.

On the contrary, Cannabis is much safer and has never induced a lethal dose throughout the history of use. By simply making cannabis illegal, people would much rather prefer to use the real thing as opposed to a knock off imitation.

In terms of these other drugs, I don’t believe that the US is ready for an adult conversation about drug use yet. We are still going through the process of accepting cannabis as a medicine and a form of recreation, however, one day we will be able to talk about the reasons as to why humans like to experiment with their own consciousness and whether that’s a bad thing or not.

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