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How Prohibition Fails on Every Aspect – Florida Example

How Prohibition Fails on Every Aspect – Florida Example

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/21/2015 in Medical Marijuana Laws

The “Tri-County Task Force” which only has two counties involved managed to remove $30 million of Dollars off the streets with their efforts. Yet despite this seeming victory, they also laundered $70 Million for Drug Cartels.

By my counts that means that out of the $100 Million dollars in question, 70% went to the cartels and 30% went to Law Enforcement. Obviously, there was more than 100 million dollars that moved through the city because of drugs, but these are the two stats provided to us directly related to the Task Force. What’s worse is that that there was not a single arrest made throughout this entire time, meaning that the cartels are still operational, drugs are still flowing without hindrance.

Policing for Profits

The Drug War is a scam where cartels can have access to an unregulated market and the cops can skim profits off the top. Don’t believe me? Ask Duane Pottorff, chief of law enforcement at the Glades County Sheriff’s Office where he said, “We thought this was a chance to bring in more revenue.” “Forfeiture money allowed us to have resources that normally we wouldn’t have,” including “patrol cars, vests, guns for the deputies, ammunition, all this, the training room, the training equipment is all paid with forfeiture funds…”

Some cops/informants are even hailed as ‘heroes’ for bringing in drug dealers into the city as in the case of one informant.

The system in place creates incentives for police to encourage drug dealing within their jurisdiction mainly for Asset forfeiture laws, where the cops can seize and in many cases keep the money from drug busts.

In other words, cops like more drug dealers because they can make more money per bust. This isn’t really in line with the Drug War Mantra of ‘keeping drugs off the streets’. It would be counter-productive to their revenue model to ‘actually do what they intend to do’ – Stopping the flow of drugs.

Why Decriminalization and Regulation is the way

Drugs will always be consumed. Since the dawn of humanity, people have been ingesting mind-bending substances and there is no indication that this will stop any time soon. Thus, the best way to deal with the drug issue is to embrace it, regulate it and educate the populous on best consumption practices.

Under a regulated and legal system, drugs can be tested for purity, it can be taxed and even the mere act of consumption would trickle back into the economy. Currently, the prohibition model only benefits cartels and law enforcement leaving the rest of us stuck with the consequences.

When they talk about reasons why we shouldn’t legalize cannabis, simply point them to this article…highlighting the total failure of drug prohibition at its finest.

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