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The Problem With Pot in Today’s Market

The Problem With Pot in Today’s Market

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/09/2011 in Medical Marijuana Trends

There’s an incredible amount of variety when it comes to selecting the strain of marijuana you want. But when it comes to choosing organic, not so much.

Take a trip to almost any grocery store, and you’ll have organic options from tomatoes to barley to honey dew melon that are all USDA certified organic. But you’ll never find that seal of approval on marijuana. Cannabis is perhaps the only crop that is left out in the cold by the organic movement. It seems ironic, considering that many medical marijuana patients opt for cannabis as a natural alternative to ingesting chemicals and prescription meds.

According to Danny Danko over at High Times magazine, “to grow organic pot means that your growing medium and plant foods result from natural sources and not synthetic salt compounds dreamed up in a lab.” And many growers do follow these standards. You can typically find organic options at dispensaries. However, since weed is still considered illegal by the federal government, no agency can officially certify these crops, leaving patients and smokers to take a chance on whether the weed they are toking is truly what the seller says it is.

The Bellingham Herald quoted Jane Wade, development specialist at Santa Cruz, Calif.-based California Certified Organic Farmers, which is the largest organic certification agency in the country, as saying: “What the USDA doesn’t recognize as a legal crop, we can’t certify because we’re certifying to their standards. That leaves medical marijuana out in the cold.”

So not only is pot prohibition taking a toll on the accessibility of safe weed sources, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in law enforcement, and contributing to drug-related violence around the world, but it is also limiting the quality of medicine that patients across the country have access to. Come on, feds. Isn’t it time you let up a little?

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