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Proactive Steps to Speed up Marijuana Legalization Pt. 2

Proactive Steps to Speed up Marijuana Legalization Pt. 2

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 06/21/2013 in Medical Marijuana Legalization

As we continue to analyze the proactive steps to marijuana legalization we have already spoken about spreading the word about marijuana and raising awareness and touched on using your local voting power to  speed up the process. Click here to see Part 1. Let’s continue with the steps shall we…

Step 2b:

In the previous installment I spoke about voting and money as your two powers and right now we’ll continue with money. Money is probably the strongest power you have and it comes down to this; The Consumer is the Key element to the Entire Machine! Where your money goes dictates supply and demand as well as importance. If you spend on companies that are spending on keeping marijuana illegal then essentially YOU are spending on maintaining marijuana illegal. Start purchasing hemp clothing, support marijuana shops, pro marijuana establishments and so forth. Fund the movement and fund the industry, only the consumer has the ability to sustain industry. There is no supply if there is no demand and similarly the supply increases as the demand increases. Begin increasing demand for Hemp products, marijuana products (in legal states) and marijuana establishments, clubs, co-ops and so forth. Your money is like water to the roots of industry.

Step 3:

This step only applies to those who live in “prohibition states” yet still continues to consume marijuana illegally. We do not endorse breaking the law ever but since in your case you are already breaking the law and will continue to do so we have one suggestion that will have a greater impact on the legalization effort on a global scale. This ties in with Step 2-b in regards to economy. Instead of purchasing from drug dealers begin to cultivate your own cannabis on a very small scale. You can cater your grows to your consumption needs and never have more than you need for personal use. Don’t sell it, don’t speak about it, don’t do anything except consume it in secret.

The reason I speak of this is because of the following reasons; The illegal drug trade relies on illegal consumers. As you purchase cannabis within the black market you provide incentive to prolong the drug war in terms of; drug dealers will have more incentive to provide more drugs since you are purchasing and funding their illegal operation. The police will have more incentive to continue their pursuit of the drug war because now drug dealers are making money, purchasing property which can be seized at a latter point. Politicians continue to prolong the war using the inflated statistics of law enforcement to push their political agendas which includes catering to Big Corp and Big Pharma and even Prison Corp.

By removing yourself from the equation you begin to chip away at the very foundation that sustains this illegal market. We do not endorse breaking the law but think of this as a suggestion on choosing the “lesser of two evils”. Remember, you are willfully breaking the law and if caught you will be treated as a criminal however if you are aware of this and still will break the law then be conscious about your impact on the entire system and choose wisely your course of action.

If enough people in the world can do these three steps…Global legalization will happen sooner than later. 

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