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Poll: 77% of Americans Support Medical Marijuana Use

Poll: 77% of Americans Support Medical Marijuana Use

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/20/2011 in Medical Marijuana News

According to a CBS News poll, an overwhelming amount of Americans believe that doctors should be able to legally recommend marijuana to their patients. The poll, conducted in October of this year among 1,033 adults nationwide, found that 77% of Americans support medical marijuana use. These supporters come from all walks of life, and include Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and liberals, moderates and conservatives.
Source: CBS News Poll

While this is great news for marijuana patients and providers, it should stand as a warning to the Obama Administration, which has been conducting raids against medical marijuana providers in California, Washington and Montana. Not only are they alienating the medical marijuana community by doing so, they are also arguably going against the will of 3 out of every 4 Americans.

The CBS News poll also found an increase in the amount of people who support the full legalization of marijuana since they first asked the question in 1979. But the majority of Americans has yet to support the idea, with 51% saying they do not think marijuana should be legalized. Only 40% of Americans think marijuana should be 100% legal.

Source: CBS News Poll

However, these percentages vary when you take a look at different age groups. Unsurprisingly, liberals (66%) support legalization more than conservatives (25%), young people aged 18-29 (52%) support legalization more than older Americans aged 65+ (28%), and the geographical area that shows the most support of cannabis legalization is the West, which is where the majority of medical marijuana states are located.

Source: CBS News Poll

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