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Politicians and pot – Grow some stones!

Politicians and pot – Grow some stones!

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/12/2014 in Marijuana Politics

We all know that politicians have used marijuana as a political platform with their “tough on drugs” policies.  However, with a vast majority of Americans in support of legalizing cannabis maybe it’s time that these politicians change their tune.

In a recent interview, Rand Paul hinted that during his college years seeded smoke a little bit of pot here and there.  You also added in a comment that places cannabis in that category of bad decisions.  He claimed that young people make mistakes and that he was no different from them.  He also said that because he wants to relax cannabis laws that it doesn’t mean he is endorsing drug use.

Why is cannabis a bad decision?

Cannabis is much safer than both Alcohol and Tobacco, which are legal. Why is it then that “cannabis” is a bad choice but consuming the other substances are good? Politicians can easily get drunk without having to resort to the idea of “their making bad decisions” however when it comes to cannabis they tip toe on eggshells.

I would think that if someone chooses to consume cannabis over the other two legal substances that it would be a “good decision” since it has far fewer consequences on your health and only roughly 9% of the population can develop physical dependence. Contrary, tobacco’s addictive qualities rate at the same level as cocaine and alcohol addiction rates are high up in the 20% margin. Statistically speaking, consuming cannabis over these other two substances should constitute a “good decision” when we compare these substances.

Grow Some Stones!

A decade ago people had to tread lightly on the issue of cannabis as it could have meant political suicide for politicians. Today is an entirely different story. With the majority of Americans on the Cannabis train, admitting that you smoked and enjoyed it will definitely give you a boost. Look at how Obama responded to the question and it didn’t hurt him being elected President.

Americans today will much rather support a politician who has the stones to admit that he consumed cannabis, enjoyed it and sees nothing wrong with legalizing it and regulating it like alcohol. In fact, you’d have millions of supporters instantly.

It’s time that politicians break from the “drug war” mentality and embrace the future of cannabis because by advocating for cannabis, you advocate for civil liberties and that is always a winner.

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