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Politicians and their lies about marijuana

Politicians and their lies about marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/16/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Recently Stephen Harper from the Conservative Party in Canada made world headlines with one little statement, “Marijuana is infinitely worse for you than tobacco”.

This sent the internet into a wild frenzy especially since there is absolutely no scientific weight to his premise. No Harper, marijuana isn’t infinitely worse for you than tobacco.

In fact, where commercial cigarettes kills off roughly six million people per year, cannabis has never been linked to a death due to consumption alone. Purely looking at the death statistics we can see that Harper’s comment was way off.

Why do we tolerate the lies of the political class?

Harper isn’t the only one spewing diarrhea from his mouth, there is a long list of politicians that have used the “marijuana is bad for you” argument to sustain their political platform. This political viewpoint could have worked a decade ago, but today people are much savvier about these issues.

However, despite the fact that we “know” that marijuana isn’t worse for you than tobacco, you know…because of “science”, we still tolerate the ravings of political dinosaurs.  If a politician would make such erroneous statements in other sectors of society, they would be asked to step down or minimally publically scowled for his statements.

Yet for some strange reason it is allowed when talking about drugs.

Within the age of information, the age of knowledge and reason…statements that lack factual credibility within the political arena should be treated as an aggression to society.

What to do against this aggression?

The only way that you can defend yourself against these deceptive statements is to brush up on your cannabis knowledge. The moment I read the statements by Harper, my mind immediately went to several studies to debunk his claim. This is due to the fact that I have been researching cannabis for many years now and have a thorough understanding of the socio-political history of the plant.

Arming yourself with some sort of marijuana apologetics or a “logical series of arguments” based in reason and fact is the only way to rise above the ignorance. We must not only educate for our own sakes, but for those who are unaware about the validity of the statements issued by misguided politicians.

It’s time we call their bluff and ask them to prove it…

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