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Is there a place for ‘Moralist’ ideas in Modern America?

Is there a place for ‘Moralist’ ideas in Modern America?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/09/2015 in Medical Marijuana

I constantly hear about ‘how bad the idea of legalizing is’ because of numerous unfounded reasons. Most of the reasons as to why cannabis should not be legalized is due to a moralistic approach to the problem.

For the past 70+ years, we have been told by almost all government agencies that smoking cannabis is a bad idea. Reefer Madness showed images of pure girls turning into cannabis sluts after a few puffs or turning young boys into ax murdering maniacs. All of this of course is pure fabrication but that didn’t stop supporters of prohibition to bang that drum for decades.

Is cannabis a moral issue?

The question whether cannabis makes you a bad person is preposterous. Does eating chocolate make you a bad person? How about drinking coffee, which by the way is the number one psychoactive drug consumed worldwide and the second most popular drink after water.

How is it that morality suddenly makes its way into cannabis consumption but somehow doesn’t affect every other aspect of consumption. If marijuana makes you immoral, then what do opiate meds make you? On the other hand, do opiates have a pass on the ‘morality clause’?

We can say that certain substances enhances certain aspect of one’s personality. For example, drinking alcohol makes people more likely to shed their ‘filters’ and act in violent manners. However, this doesn’t happen to ‘all drinkers’. That’s because it’s about a person’s character and not the substance in question.

Some people will become emotional; others will turn violent when they drink too much. As for cannabis, it usually tends to ‘chill you out’ and induces a state of euphoria and peace. The characteristics that would be amplified by cannabis consumption would be more, tolerance, patience, avoiding conflict and more.

Thus if we were to argue based on this, cannabis is a much safer choice than legal alcohol.

What are Americas Morals today?

It’s difficult to measure morality but a good indicator is television. If we take a look at what’s on television these days, Morality isn’t one of the things that is prevalent on most stations. In fact, even your evening sitcoms are riddled with ‘immoral’ concepts and children are more exposed to what they see on television than what they can obtain by smoking a joint.

Morality is an ever-changing concept as well. A few decades ago showing a bit of skin was considered immoral, nowadays Kim Kardashian can display her gargantuan rump and nobody bats an eye. How many kids look up to Kim? What about her morality?


The point I’m trying to make, and not bashing on Kim Kardashian, is that morality should not be a leading factor in legislation. Substances do not cause ‘immoral behavior’. Immoral people, regardless of substance will act immorally.

Cannabis has absolutely no effect on your morals; it does however have an effect on how you perceive social issues. Cannabis smokers tend to become more focused on civil liberties and personal rights, which scares the bejesus out of the government.

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