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Most Pharma Drugs have fewer supporting studies than Marijuana

Most Pharma Drugs have fewer supporting studies than Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/13/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

It seems that cannabis almost has to resurrect the dead before prohibitionists accept that it has medical benefit. Unlike pharma drugs, cannabis is expected to go through rigorous testing, studying and longevity research before prohibitionists accept it. However, the long-term effects of most pharma drugs are not required to go through the same legal hurdles as cannabis…and it seems that prohibitionists are fine with that.

Side Effects of Pharma Drugs

Consider the fact that most pharma drugs contains 70+ side effects but have not thoroughly been studied for long-term effects in a number of cases. There are even some pharma drugs that have over 525 negative side effects and many of the most popular ones have between one hundred and one hundred and twenty five side effects.

Yet the commercialization of these drugs run rampant on our television screens with commercials that almost go as far as citing ‘being alive’ as a potential need for using these drugs. It is shocking to see that these drugs are allowed to be pushed down the throats of Americans when non-psychoactive CBD oils have to go through rigorous testing to even be considered to be made legal.

Cannabis Medical benefits versus side effects

Cannabis does not have a ‘lethal side effect’ and you won’t get anal leakage or ‘sudden death’ from using it. Most common side effects of cannabis use include, dry mouth, red eyes, drop in blood pressure (rarely), temporary short-term memory loss, loss of perception of time and space.

The more you use cannabis; these side effects become less apparent over time. On the other hand, cannabis is said to treat up to 100 different conditions and illnesses including killing brain tumors, of which the federal government is aware.

Yet, despite the medical benefit and the limited side effects, we are forced to bring ‘long-term studies’ on the side effects of cannabis. Nonetheless, the war against cannabis is being won by those in favor of cannabis and soon enough Congress will de-schedule cannabis under the Controlled Substance act, which will allow researchers to explore the medical benefits even further and in turn would allow cannabis to become an available medicine for all.

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