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Ohio’s Confiscation of Marijuana Already Exceed 2011 Totals

Ohio’s Confiscation of Marijuana Already Exceed 2011 Totals

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/18/2012 in Medical Marijuana

<p>Ohio State Highway Patrol officers say they have already seized more marijuana than all of last year, and here we are, only five months into 2012. Authorities have reported an amount of around 1.7 million grams, which is about 3,800 pounds of marijuana, seized since the beginning of January. The current amount recorded is 26% higher than the total was for all marijuana seizures conducted in 2011.</p>
<p>Anne Ralston, a lieutenant in the Ohio State Highway Patrol, said that the increase in the amount of seized marijuana is due to a couple of major drug busts.  Ralston said, “So far this year, we’ve had a couple of significant marijuana seizures, just on May 7th we seized 18 pounds of hydroponic marijuana. In April on the 5th, we seized 538 pounds of marijuana.” Ralston said that the amount of marijuana seized on April 5th was worth around $2.1 million. She attributes the increase in the drug seizures due to a re-focused mission among law enforcement agencies.</p>
<p>“We are looking beyond the traffic stop, looking for signs of criminal activity, looking for people who are showing us signs that they may have just or may be trafficking drugs to our state,” she said. “That was a concerted effort and re-focus that we dedicated ourselves to at the beginning of 2011 and we’re in the second year of that now.”</p>
<p>Highway Patrol in Athens County already reported that the amount of marijuana seized has as well exceeded last year’s figure by nearly 8%. Athens County Sheriff, Pat Kelly, and Anne Ralston have already explained that this figure does not represent all drug seizures in the state of Ohio. Ralston said, “These are only highway patrol seizures. Our jurisdiction is the roads and highways, state-owned and leased property in the state of Ohio. So this is only representing what we’re seeing and coming across.”</p>
<p>Sheriff Kelly said, “All the highway patrol does is patrol up and down the highway. They don’t go into people’s homes. They have no clue what the drug problem is.” Although the number of marijuana seizures in Athens County is exceptionally high, Kelly said it isn’t a large concern for the county. He said the biggest problem is heroin and prescription drug abuse.</p>
<p>The Ohio State Highway Patrol’s heroin seizures so far this year have surpassed 2011’s total by 19%, as more than 20,000 grams of heroin have been confiscated. </p>

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