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Should there be Official Guidelines for Medibles?

Should there be Official Guidelines for Medibles?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/07/2015 in Medical Marijuana

The CDC recently wrote a warning considering cannabis edibles. The warning didn’t say you ‘shouldn’t take it’ but rather that we need to place better labeling on these kinds of products. They specifically used the example of a young boy who fell out of a window after consuming a high dose of a marijuana brownie. Roughly six times the recommended dose.

While the official death did not blame marijuana, it did insinuate that it played a role in the tragedy.

More Education is Needed

It is true, we do need to implement more regulation on edibles and cannabis in general. Rather, we need to provide proper guidelines to consuming potent cannabis. We must assume that the average non-user is a blatant idiot that requires step by step instructions for proper use.

Experienced cannabis users, through trial and error, have learned their tolerance cap and know when to call it quits. They also know, being out-of-your-mind zonked on heavy doses of weed brownies is probably best done away from open windows. An experienced user would rather sit down and relax, ride out the high as opposed to freak out and plummet to your death.

However, many newbies will want to experiment with the substance and we should consider them as well. Thus, the CDC warning is not bad at all.

What about child exposure?

While some kids have been exposed to eating cannabis infused candies, the rate compared to other household items such as bleach and other cleaning supplies, still outweigh the cannabis exposures by a landslide.

In fact, even accidental prescription pill intake by children is far superior than accidental cannabis ingestion.

Therefore, the big scare concerning kids ingesting cannabis accidently should be placed in proportion to these other ‘accidental ingestions’. Then, if we don’t feel the need to place heavy restrictions on cleaning products and pain medication, we shouldn’t be so hard on the cannabis industry as well.

In fact, out of all the possible accidental ingestions out there, cannabis is the least harmful to children. While we should take steps to deter kids from eating pot infused candies, we also don’t need to overreact to the relatively small number of kids who do ingest cannabis accidently.

Your kid is still 90% more likely to drink bleach than eat a cannabis infused cookie.

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