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Obama’s “Bigger Fish to Fry” seems to still be Marijuana

Obama’s “Bigger Fish to Fry” seems to still be Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/30/2013 in Medical Marijuana

In the beginning of 2013 the entire United States were waiting on how President Obama would respond to Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana. He said that Marijuana would not be a priority and that they have “bigger fish to fry”.

The cannabis communities across the States let out a sigh of relief that was outlived shortly. Despite the fact that the President “said” something his administration “did” something completely different.

In California there was a heavy shakedown on dispensaries and one of the largest dispensaries in the US was being and still being harassed and was forced to shut its doors to thousands of patients. While the President was waging wars and discussing new ones he also decided to continue with the same agenda as all his predecessors and even “double up” on the effort.

During this time however, 2 more States decided to up and up legalize for medical purposes, Colorado and Washington advanced their recreational system and Dr. Sanjay Gupta made known to the world that “weed was A-Okay” and that the way that marijuana has been handled in this country was simply atrocious.

New hope rose within the Cannabis communities, finally a respected Medical professional with an ample demographical reach started favoring the medicinal properties of the plant. Surely the Schedule I status of marijuana should hold no merit with all the documented evidence suggesting that it certainly “does have medical properties”.

In this government of Science and Reason it seems that both Science and Reason never made the cut. The people brought the question back to the President of which he responded; “Not quite yet.” Oh, and did I forget to mention that dispensaries were raided in Colorado and Washington as well. Way to go to respect State laws!

When will it be “okay”?

Let’s take a step back and look at the evidence for a minute. Firstly we have medical studies showing that cannabis cures cancer and treats a plethora of other diseases. There is documented evidence showing patients almost miraculously responding to the curative powers of medical marijuana and we have medical professionals vouching for its credibility.

Yet despite all of this, we still “can’t be sure?” Is it necessary that thousands of people suffer and die, millions incarcerated and Billions more spent on this idiotic idea that we can control human behavior before we change it?

The question here Mr. President is that are you really a champion of liberty and are you truly representing the American people or only “some American People”?

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