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Not enough Research on Marijuana – Blame the Government!

Not enough Research on Marijuana – Blame the Government!

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/27/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

Every now and then, we hear about prohibitionists claiming that we shouldn’t legalize cannabis because there is “too little research” on its long term effects. They say they want more research to be conducted however does not bar the Federal government from stalling cannabis research. In turn, they prolong prohibition and millions more wind up in jail over a plant.

We have Empirical Data

Cannabis isn’t something that was recently discovered. It’s involvement with humanity spans back many thousands of years and in modern culture, we have millions of regular tokers. Throughout the totality of human history, we have never witnessed a single death due to the consumption of cannabis alone. In other words, nobody has ever had a fatal dose.

In terms of performance, with over 20 million tokers in the United States, we haven’t seen a horde of couch surfing reggae listening zombies now have we? The fact of the matter is that when you have experience with cannabis, it will not affect your performance at work or in society.

In addition, Marijuana has health benefits. From relieving stress to reducing pain and killing tumors, the list of the medical benefits of cannabis is staggering. This all from research that managed to seep through the creeks in the great DEA stonewall placed in front of the doors to research.

No Excuse

The lack of research isn’t an excuse to legalize either. For over 70 years, there has been a federal ban on marijuana where phony science were used to maintain its illegality. Outright lies were told to Congress to convince them to make marijuana illegal.

Based on this fact alone should be enough to reverse cannabis prohibition. A Policy founded on lies that ruin people’s lives should be immediately revoked for the betterment of society. The entire origin story of cannabis prohibition is quite shady. I highly recommend you go down that rabbit hole and find out for yourself.

Make Marijuana a Health Issue

Marijuana affects your health, for better or for worse; it is not up to law enforcement to handle it. All drugs essentially is a health issue and should be left in the hands of the medical professionals. Legalizing cannabis, as we have seen in Colorado is quite safe and even if there is an adverse reaction, it should be in the hands of doctors and not police officers.

After all, people abuse alcohol and Doctors are the ones that deal with the issues. Why not do the same for cannabis?

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