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What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Controversy

What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Controversy

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/30/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

On one side, we have the Federal Government saying that cannabis holds no medical value. On the other side we have the National Institute on Drug Abuse saying, “Marijuana kills certain types of cancers and reduces the size of others” meaning it does indeed have medical value. Yet on another spectrum, we have the legal medical marijuana grow operation at the University of Mississippi, which is run by the very same Federal government.

Does the Government suffer from DID?

Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder essentially means that you have a fragmented identity. Think of the “United States of Tara” and you’ll get the idea.

The Federal drug policy especially concerning cannabis fits the description quite perfectly. On one side, we have the ‘rough n’ tough’ Drug warriors who claim that cannabis has no medical value and is a scourge to the world. On the other side, we have scientists and doctors who says it can cure cancer.

This makes it quite difficult to know where exactly the federal government resides on this issue. Does it or does it not have medical value and if it does, why hasn’t it been de-scheduled on the Controlled Substance Act?

I constantly hear about prohibitionists talking about ‘sending the wrong message to kids’ in terms of what marijuana legalization would mean on a social scale, however the federal government is sending an ambiguous message which cannot be tolerated any longer.

We cannot tolerate the “flip-floppery” of federal policy for many reasons.

Intolerance to “Flip-Floppery”

Firstly, by not denying the medical status of cannabis, the Federal government can go to legal businesses, seize their assets, steal their money and withhold lifesaving medicine from ill people. Secondly, the current scheduling of cannabis means that those who are caught with it by the feds could obtain a felony conviction, which in turn would ruin the rest of their lives.

In addition, let’s not forget about the near one million people being arrested each year for cannabis, wasting taxpayer money and depleting police resources.

This is no light issue; it affects millions of people each year and costs the taxpayer billions of dollars annually. Thus to have a contradictive definition of cannabis on a federal level is something we must all consider heavily.

For too long have the federal government deceived us on the subject of cannabis, for too long have the public suffered for these actions. We cannot allow them to go unchecked and make up the rules as they go. It is the duty of each citizen to stand up to tyrannical rule founded upon decades old lies that is slowly snuffing out our liberties one raid at a time.

We must call our representatives, make noise and organize ourselves to demand a de-scheduling based on the very actions of the Federal government, as the “no Medical value” argument has been rendered untrue by the same entity.

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