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NFL Veterans Speak Up in Favor of Using Cannabis in The NFL

NFL Veterans Speak Up in Favor of Using Cannabis in The NFL

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/04/2016 in Medical Marijuana

By any account, football is a violent sport. However, many retired players are now coming out of the “cannabis closet”, speaking up in favor of the NFL removing marijuana, from its forbidden substances list.
Jim McMahon is one of the more outspoken ex-players claiming to use marijuana both during and after his career, while managing to dodge the regulatory processes of the NFL.

However, he doesn’t stand alone. Other players like Jake Plummer are also speaking up about the potential benefits of using marijuana within the sport. Many professional football players find themselves with a world of health related issues when they retire. From repeated concussions to broken bones that didn’t heal properly, cannabis could very well be the medicine that the NFL has been looking for in the hopes of protecting their players. After all, what is football without the players?

Why the NFL is so hesitant about cannabis

The NFL, like any other multi-billion corporation out there, have certain regulations in play to make sure that their athletes aren’t using “performance enhancing drugs”. Seeing that cannabis is scheduled as a Schedule-I substance under the Controlled Substance Act, it falls under this criterion. The problem is that cannabis isn’t a “performance enhancing drug” but rather “illegal” under the ruling of the federal government and despite the counts of studies that have been conducted on the efficacy of cannabis as a medicine, the NFL does not want to budge on their stance until “further research is conducted”.

In the meanwhile, more players get severe injuries that will indefinitely effect their lives in a negative way. All the while cannabis, especially CBD has been proven by the government to have neuroprotective qualities and has a tremendous effect on lowering inflammation without the horrid side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Gathering numbers within the NFL

Jake Plummer is not merely sitting idly and waiting for the NFL to one day make a decision. He’s moving around, getting organized, attending events and speaking to other former NFL players to help garner support for allowing cannabis in the NFL.

However, this might not be enough. If the fans were to jump on the bandwagon and demand that the NFL change their policy on cannabis, we might see some change occur sooner than later. After all, the NFL isn’t so much about the sport as it is about the money it can generate (for those who run/own it), and if the fans start talking with their dollars, they might be able to make a difference.

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