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New Rules for Edible Marijuana in San Francisco

New Rules for Edible Marijuana in San Francisco

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/13/2010 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Marijuana activists are pleased with the new rules passed in San Francisco that regulate the sale and distribution of medical marijuana in baked goods and other edible cannabis items.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced new regulations that include:

  • All baked goods that include marijuana must be individually wrapped with labels that list the exact amount of the drug in the product.
  • Goods cannot resemble any kind of candy that may attract children.
  • No one under legal age may be present during the baking or manufacturing process.
  • Dispensaries that offer hot and cold products on the same property, like brownies and milkshakes, must receive a special permit from the Public Health Department.

Marijuana advocates say that these regulations are a great step towards further legitimatizing the CA medical marijuana industry. California has always been a pioneer when it comes to medicinal marijuana use. CA was the first state to pass medical marijuana laws, which are some of the most liberal in the country. Since 1996, qualified patients have been able to see medical marijuana doctors in orange county, medical marijuana physicians in bay area, or marijuana doctors in any county in the state to receive a recommendation to use the medicine. Since then, 13 other states have followed suit and established their own laws regulating the use of medical cannabis.

San Francisco Marijuana Doctors Speak Out

Many San Francisco marijuana doctors have come forth to describe their views on the future of marijuana legalization and the city of San Francisco. A summarization written in the Daily SF Chronicles outlined many benefits and positive affects of these new laws to strengthen support of the medicinal herb to combat many illnesses that conventional medicine is not adequate to deal with. A strong showing of support by these marijuana doctors of San Francisco give hope that the future of the legislation will continue to be in the favor of medicinal marijuana patients of California. If you are looking for a marijuana doctor in San Francisco, a reputable evaluation center is called COMPASSIONATE HEALTH OPTIONS.

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