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New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Regulations Limiting Cannabis for Patients

New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Regulations Limiting Cannabis for Patients

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 11/30/2010 in Medical Marijuana News

I read recently on NORML that the severely limiting rules and regulations proposed by the New Jersey Department of Health officials, last month, violated the intent of the state’s medical marijuana laws. The proposed rules not only limit the manufacture of medical cannabis to 2 licensed facilities, but they limit the varieties of cannabis available to patients to no more than 3 strains and restrict the percentage of THC to no more than 10% in a plant.

The morning New Jersey Senators were scheduled to vote on a resolution in this matter, I awoke with a headache. So I took a drive to the pharmacy to pick up some pain relief medicine, where I was astounded by the choices. My eyes could not behold the selection available to me in something as simple as headache pills. This was merely a headache, not even one of noteworthy proportions, and yet I was being overwhelmed by the decision ahead of me as I eyed my way through the countless brands and varieties of OTC pain medicine.

Headache at last subdued, I wondered, should the medical marijuana patients of New Jersey not also be entitled to this freedom of choice? In a world spoilt with variety coming in every shape and form, from the natural kingdom and everyday world to the shelves of our consumer markets and the aisles of our modern day apothecaries. Is it not only fair that these chronically, in some cases terminally, ill patients, be entitled to an equal right to choose which cannabis strain best suits their needs and how potent a level of medicating they personally require?

I am also of the opinion that people like my uncle Jimbo, (“the jelly-donut loving giant”, as we fondly refer to him as) would not experience the same amount of relief in these limited confines as someone who is potentially half the height, and a third his size.  Should he have to medicate twice as much to achieve the same amount of relief? Or could we acknowledge him as the upstanding member of the community that he is and allow him the right to walk into a pharmacy and select the strength according to his own personal preference, requirements or needs. We all react to things differently and some of us exhibit a higher tolerance for some things more than others. Hence I feel it only fair in a world fundamentality based on equality that the medical marijuana cardholders of New Jersey, be given the same opportunity as the any other person picking between Advil, Aleve, Motrin, and Tylenol…etc.

Hopefully the New Jersey Senators will see that the logic behind this proposition is equivalent to that of going to your favorite restaurant and having nothing but a glass of water and breadsticks for dinner.

~* Puff-puff-pass: Miss Mary-Jane

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