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The Need for Independent Testing on Marijuana Edibles

The Need for Independent Testing on Marijuana Edibles

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/08/2015 in Medical Marijuana Research

A recent study revealed some ‘not-so-shocking’ realities about the cannabis infused products on the market these days. What the study found was that a large majority of products are inaccurately reporting the THC content contained within each product.

According to the study 60% of the products in the test group reported ‘higher THC’ than what was really in the product, 23% of them had more THC than what they claimed and only 17% accurately described the THC levels in the product.

The need for Quality inspection

The cannabis industry is relatively ‘new’ and coming out of the shadows of prohibition. For the most part, brands regulate themselves and provide ‘ball park’ figures. For most brands, marketing ‘higher potency edibles’ is a selling point since many consumers are on the lookout for ‘more potent pot’.

Often times, higher potency pot also comes with a higher price tag, and thus these brands essentially dupe the consumer into buying a product that is not accurate in the potency claimed by the brand.

On the other hand, the brands that market lower potency edibles but contain higher quantities can produce negative experiences to patients thinking they are consuming ‘lower quantities’.

In relation to consumer protection, there is a definite need to establish some sort of organization or independent testing facility that can test these products prior to going on the market. This should be a forced requirement for brands marketing edibles to the consumer market in order to maintain quality and consistency for consumers.

Why consistency is important

For medical patients, the concept of consistency is of great importance. In order to effectively treat certain medical conditions, an exact amount of THC is required. In the case of cancer, you need high doses of THC and CBD to help shrink the tumors. If edibles is part of the treatment plan, it is important that the patient knows the exact amount of THC within the edible in order to medicate accordingly.

Alterations in consistency could prolong the duration of the treatment and in some cases, if the THC is too low, could not be effective at all.

Typically for cancer people tend to use cannabis oils over edibles because of consistency and high concentrations of the active ingredients.


The cannabis industry must move towards regulations in terms of consistency and quality. The area of cannabis testing is an open market and there is a definite need for testing facilities. Perhaps a smart entrepreneur would step up and make this a reality.

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