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Nebraska and Oklahoma barking up the wrong tree with their Colorado Lawsuit

Nebraska and Oklahoma barking up the wrong tree with their Colorado Lawsuit

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/14/2015 in Medical Marijuana Laws

A lawsuit by the AG of Nebraska and Oklahoma is being challenged by the Attorney General of Colorado based on the legitimacy of the claim. Essentially the lawsuit filed against Colorado’s legal marijuana industry states that because of ‘drug overflow’ the accusing states claim that it has placed a strain on their economy and that it is illegal under the CSA (Controlled Substance Act).

However, the AG of Colorado, Cynthia Coffman, said that Nebraska and Oklahoma shouldn’t blame Colorado for attempting to regulate a substance that is used all over the country.

Who should Oklahoma and Nebraska be suing?

The issue comes down to who’s really to blame for their beef? According to Coffman, they should be taking it up with the Federal government and not the State of Colorado.

At bottom, then, the plaintiff states’ quarrel is not with Colorado but with the federal government’s ‘relaxed view of (federal) enforcement obligations under the CSA’,” Coffman argued. “Indeed, it is Colorado’s sovereignty that is at stake here: Nebraska and Oklahoma filed this case in the attempts to reach across their borders and selectively invalidate state laws with which they disagree.”

However, due to recent congressional changes, the Federal government cannot spend money to enforce federal marijuana laws in States that have a legal regime in place and even the President said that the federal government wouldn’t interfere with legitimate businesses within the marijuana industry.

Coffman petitioned to have the case thrown out completely, which would leave only two of the three cases still in operation.

If Nebraska and Oklahoma somehow magically won

What would happen if Nebraska and Oklahoma managed to win their lawsuit? Firstly, they would have more problems than before since they would not make marijuana illegal but would only remove the regulatory framework of their current system.

This means that the currently formed marijuana industry would revert to a “wild west scenario” where there would be no regulation on marijuana at all. In turn, people would be able to freely sell, purchase and distribute on a statewide level. There would be no longer quality control, product tracking or taxes and the police would do absolutely nothing about marijuana within their state.

In turn, could you imagine how much weed would cross over into Nebraska and Oklahoma? They would most assuredly according to them experience a ‘weedpocalypse’ as there would be no longer a limit for ‘tourists’ within the state of Colorado. Currently, as a tourist you can obtain up to a half an ounce in a legal store however remove these restrictions, how many people would take a quick trip across the border to pick up pounds of it?

Quit quibbling like infants

One piece of advice I can offer the AGs of Nebraska and Oklahoma is to stop trying to impede the inevitable. It’s like trying to stop a tsunami with a bucket….it’s just not going to happen. Rather embrace the fact that change is coming, new revenue could be earned and new jobs created within your own states.

Legalization on a national scale is inevitable, it’s time to grow up and accept it. Denial is no longer tolerated.

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