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Mold and Pesticides Plague Street-Bought Pot

Mold and Pesticides Plague Street-Bought Pot

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/09/2011 in Medical Marijuana

With Michigan’s courts banning dispensaries in the Great Lakes State, many have wondered what patients will do. Well, Dan Tomaski, a certified caregiver who runs Northern Laboratory Services in Gaylord, MI, will tell you exactly what they will do: buy weed from the streets that has potentially unsafe levels of mold and pesticides.

In his report, aptly named the Schwag Report, Tomaski tested 4 strains purchased from the streets of Michigan. The results were shocking and according to Tomaski are unfit for consumption.” The four strains tested had insanely unsafe pesticide levels of up to 440 ppm of permethrin, 630 ppm of cypermethrin, and 485 ppm of beta-cyfluthrin. (To put this into context, spinach, on the other hand, is limed to 20 ppm of permethrin, 6 ppm of beta-cyfluthrin and 14 ppm).

While there are no USDA limits on the amount of pesticides allowed in marijuana, Tomaski compares these numbers to the USDA residual limits for spinach, because it has the “highest level of residue tolerances where other things, like carrots, have much lower tolerances.” Check out other pesticide limits here.

Not only does street schwag have pesticide levels up to 60 times more than the legal limits for spinach, but it also harbors mold, which can cause respiratory problems, especially in patients with already weakened immune systems. And the samples tested also hosted dirt and suspected insect droppings – certainly not the things you’d like to find in your medicine! And to top it all off, these cannabis subjects tested low in potency, which means you’d have to use more of this low quality and potentially unsafe stash to achieve the desired results of a higher quality medicine.

Pot Shops Offer Higher Quality
Certainly not all street weed is dangerous, but the fact is that patients don’t know what they are buying when they are forced to turn to the streets. When you can purchase meds from dispensaries, you are far more likely to find a quality product. In fact, Tomaski says that the cannabis that local growers sell at local collectives consistently tested “100 percent free of pesticides.”

Patients in many medical marijuana states have the option to purchase cannabis from high quality compassionate care centers and weed dispensaries. But unfortunately, Michigan patients no longer have that option.  Michigan authorities have begun raiding dispensaries, causing harm to patients across the state.

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