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Modern day Reefer Madness is still Rampant

Modern day Reefer Madness is still Rampant

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/15/2013 in Medical Marijuana

Every now and then you’ll read about the dangers of marijuana and new evidence that suggest how “bad” it is but in most cases if you dig a bit deeper you find that these studies are always very bias against cannabis.

Setting out to prove the mischief

The FDA only grants money for cannabis studies if the purpose of thus said study is to prove how bad it is. They won’t grant a dime to those who want to show how it cures cancer or how it helps with Diabetes.

Most of the studies that have been showing a negative perception of cannabis were funded by prohibitionist organizations (organizations that benefit from the illegality of cannabis).

One of the recent hogwash studies that were blasted on mainstream media suggests that cannabis does increase a lack of motivation.

Cannabis and Motivation

Motivation is the general desire someone has to do something. Cannabis does have an impact on motivation but it doesn’t “rob you of motivation” but rather places a perspective on your behavior. Some people when they consume cannabis realize that certain actions are pointless and do not bring them “happiness”.

There is a big difference between what you “want to do” and what you “have to do”. Most people are stuck in jobs they hate, studying careers they don’t care about and when they consume cannabis realize this and begin to search for what makes them happy.

When you hate something but have been conformed to a systematic lifestyle, cannabis makes you aware that you are in a redundant cycle. Once this conclusion has been made you will most definitely see the user change his or her behavior based on his or her desires.

Does this constitute “lack of motivation”?

No! This absolutely does not. If you after 40 years of doing the same thing one day decide you want to do something else it isn’t a lack of motivation that inspired the decision but rather a re-focusing on what’s important in our lives. The ultimate pursuit is the pursuit of happiness and if you are not willing to stop doing the redundant you would not be able to achieve the extraordinary.

Although I haven’t dived deep into the parameters of the study I did skim it and realized that many of the claims are subjective at best. Whether you smoke cannabis or not motivation comes from desire and desire comes from a dream. If you are just living your life to survive, pay bills and so forth…you’re not living. Many times…cannabis consumption reveals this truth.

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