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Michigan Provides Medical Cannabis for Sick Children

Michigan Provides Medical Cannabis for Sick Children

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/29/2012 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Michigan Resident, Rebecca Brown, was convinced that she tried every prescription drug she could get her hands on in order to control the frequent seizures that her son suffers from due to a severe form of epilepsy. Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which a person has repeated seizures or convulsions over time. These seizures are episodes of disturbed brain activity that cause changes in attention or behavior.

When no remedy could provide consistent results, and the drugs and special diet caused kidney stones as well as pancreas problems as side effects, the Oakland County mother had to turn to medical marijuana for her son. Cooper Brown, now 14 years old, is one of forty-four Michigan residents that are younger than the age of 18 that have been issued a medical marijuana card. Cooper’s mother, Rebecca, said his seizures have dropped off dramatically since he started using medical marijuana earlier this year.

Although the treatment is considered highly controversial, Marijuana or medical marijuana is illegal at the federal level and has been said that children or adults should not use it, due to a lack of clinical studies. This lack of clinical studies and research means that there is an uncertainty about its effects on both developing brains and central nervous systems.

As Cooper Brown is only still in middle school, he is not the youngest member on the State of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Registry. Brown is sixth in line when in terms of being the youngest member. Ahead of him is a seven year old, two nine year olds, an eleven year old and a thirteen year old, all of which can legally possess and consume medical marijuana within the state of Michigan. As state officials would not disclose the children’s approve medical conditions, they say that they do not know whether or not the kids consume the marijuana by smoking it or consuming in other ways, such as within a baked good or a liquid extract called tincture, or even by using a vaporizer. Rebecca Brown said she would never let Cooper smoke the marijuana he was recommended, so she instead puts it in the food that she prepares for him.

Parents have said that they’ve successfully used medical marijuana to treat their kids for Dravet Syndrome, which is what Cooper Brown was diagnosed with, as well as autism, attention deficit disorder, muscular dystrophy and both the pain and nausea of cancer, among other ailments.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Rebecca Brown said she knows she might face criticism for going public about her son’s recommendation for marijuana, but she hopes that she can help even one family lessen the stress and suffering that she and her family have endured along this journey.

Brown said, “I am not a pot smoker and never in a million years have I thought of trying this, but when your child is suffering and you feel desperate, you consider things you may not have had before. Parents, when their kids are health, they take it for granted.” 

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