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Mexico starting to talk about Marijuana Legalization

Mexico starting to talk about Marijuana Legalization

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 10/16/2013 in International Medical Marijuana

In Mexico the battle for marijuana legalization is still very young despite the fact that Mexico is the #1 supplier of cannabis worldwide. Mexicans tend to be much more “conservative” than Americans are and I use the term loosely. I would much rather say, and this is true for all countries, Mexico would “like to be perceived as more conservative” than Americans but for anyone that actually walked the streets of Mexico you know that while traditions may rule idealistically, they are very liberal at heart and practice.

In public polls Mexicans are not in favor of cannabis for recreational purposes however there was a greater interest in the medical application of the plant. It seems that the smoke from Medical marijuana states finally reached the ears of a portion of the country. Even ex-President Fox said that if medical marijuana was made legal he would be one of the first ones to actually open up a Pot farm.

Several Diputados also proposed making designated places where pot would be cultivated and sold legally for adults 21 and over however this is still only a pipe dream.

As mentioned above, Mexico in terms of “tradition and politics” are quite traditional but the truth of the matter is that in terms of cannabis a large portion of the country consumes. Not a majority no, but there are plenty of people from all walks of life that have smoked and many that continue to smoke daily.

But what does this mean for Mexico? The greatest benefit that Mexico can obtain by legalizing marijuana is to curb drug related violence. Cartels depend on marijuana with about 30% of their income coming from thus said substance. IF Mexico were to completely eradicate their source of business this would mean that a significant chunk of their income will be taken away.

I personally would argue to play that out on all drugs but we’ll give humanity time until they realize that prohibition simply does not work.

While the debates in Mexico are still young in nature it is a sign that a global policy shift might be on the horizon. This failed experiment has gone on for much too long and it’s high time that we put an end to the madness.

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