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Medicating with Cannabis: Benefits of Vaporizing from Vrip Tech Vapor Expert

Medicating with Cannabis: Benefits of Vaporizing from Vrip Tech Vapor Expert

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 09/22/2010 in Medical Marijuana Consumption

We sat down with Mark McCoy, founder of Vrip Tech (a Northern California-based company that produces the highest quality vaporizers on the planet) to find out about the benefits of vaporizing as a way to medicate with medical marijuana. For more than a decade, Mark has developed vapor products for Vrip Tech that achieve the most concentrated and broadest spectrum aromatic extractions and deliveries ever attained by a vaporizer. According to him, here are the top five characteristics of vapor that make it the preferred way to medicate with cannabis:

Potency – Vaporizing delivers the most potency out of any method of medicating with marijuana, which means patients can medicate with a smaller amount of medicine at a time. Why?There are many pharmacokinetic and psychoactive components of cannabis, such as THC, CBD, CBN and terpenoids. When patients smoke marijuana, the majority of these actives are destroyed in the high temperatures through a process called pyrolysis—and that means patients need more medicine to achieve the preferred results when smoking. But vaporizing delivers a lower heating temperature than smoking, which means patients receive the maximum benefits from small amounts of marijuana.

Cleanliness – Vaporizing compliments the ritual of smoking marijuana without delivering the carcinogens, particulate matter and tar associated with joints, bongs, pipes, etc. Although cannabis has an expectorant effect that makes you cough up all the tar and particulate matter that accompanies the traditional smoking of marijuana, many doctors will recommend that vaporizing is far cleaner than smoke.

Rapid Onset Delivery – When medicating with edible medical marijuana products, it can take as long as two hours to feel the effects. The downside here is that it’s more difficult to tell if you are getting the correct dose. But vaporizing has a rapid onset delivery just like smoking, which means you are able to feel the effects (and get relief) immediately.

Quality – Another benefit of the rapid onset delivery of vaporizers is that you will be able to get all of the plant’s actives, as well as the terpenoids that provide the flavor element, in the same inhalation—and that makes for high quality vapor! (Stay tuned for Mark’s post on how to get the highest quality vapor).

Medicinal Component – Prohibitionists against medical marijuana claim that cannabis cannot be considered a medicine because “you don’t smoke medicine” (despite the fact that studies show there is no link between cancer and marijuana, and also that marijuana has been shown to kill cancer cells). But if all patients used a vaporizer, which is a more medical oriented delivery of medical marijuana, it would silence all of those who are against it.

Stay tuned for more vaporizer advice from Mark in upcoming blogs.

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