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REVIEW: Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?

Posted by Jason Draizin on 04/05/2011 in Medical Marijuana

As the current legal status of marijuana keeps popping up in public discourse, the timing is perfect for a new informative, yet easy to understand book to present pot in a context many seem to overlook entirely: marijuana, an illicit drug, versus alcohol, a fully legal – and often lethal – substance.

Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? is a thought provoking comparative analysis of the effects of marijuana versus the effects of alcohol. It’s a book that will make anyone think twice about throwing back that next beer, and consider lighting up instead. Because as Marijuana is Safer so eloquently proves, cannabis is a safer alternative to alcohol, and the laws against it actually drive more people to drink.

Don’t be fooled, this is not just another pro-stoner book for pot smokers; even those in favor of marijuana prohibition will learn a few new things, and hopefully open their minds to a different perspective when thinking about the true effects of weed, when compared to those of booze.

And for those that support current Draconian policies regarding marijuana, this is a book that should shred your arguments and roll them up in a joint; and even if you don’t smoke, after reading this book, you should see in plain view that our laws are outdated, unreasonable and without a doubt need reform.

This book combines decades worth of experience in advocacy for the abolishment of cannabis prohibition, featuring Steve Fox, the Director of the Marijuana Policy Project(MPP), and cofounder of the organization Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation(SAFER), Paul Armentano, the deputy director of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), and Mason Tvert, a cofounder and executive director of SAFER and the SAFER Voter Education Fun, as co-authors.


Marijuana Is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink? exposes the pure hypocrisy of our society and the many contradictions in our marijuana laws, which punish people for ingesting and merely possessing cannabis – a substance proven to be safer than alcohol.

This book proves beyond a doubt that marijuana is superior to alcohol, and it’s time for everyone in the country, whether a pot smoker or not to demand that our elected representatives make the changes and reflect this in our drug laws. Not only a great read, but excellent for any interest or research into this topic.

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