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Call to Action: Tell Obama to Leave Medical Marijuana Patients Alone

Posted by Jason Draizin on 10/21/2011 in Medical Marijuana

Contrary to earlier claims that they would leave medical marijuana patients alone, the Obama Administration is now attacking the second amendment rights of patients, violating the first amendment rights, killing jobs, and worst of all, trying to prevent patients from getting safe and legal access to medical marijuana. It’s more important than ever for patients and medical marijuana supporters to stand up for their rights, so we urge you to make your voice be heard.


Earlier this month, the Montana Cannabis Industry Association compiled this list of links to cannabis-related petitions on the White House server. We urge you to click on these links and sign any and all of the petitions that appeal to you, so the Obama Administration once and for all stops their unfair war against state law-abiding citizens that opt to use cannabis for their health.



And as always, if you are passionate about marijuana reform, check out our sister site for the latest news and opinions on mairjuana prohibition.