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Medical Marijuana Research: More on Chronic Pain

Medical Marijuana Research: More on Chronic Pain

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/23/2011 in Medical Marijuana Research

Countless medical studies and endless anecdotal evidence shows that medical marijuana is extremely effective at alleviating chronic pain. Medical marijuana patients use cannabis for every type of chronic pain from cancer pain, to neuropathic pain, to fibromyalgia, to rheumatoid arthritis. A while back we reached out to our 28,000 facebook friends to hear their first person accounts of how marijuana helps them. We posted the first round of results here. Now, here are a handful of more medical marijuana testimonials:

Cannabis is the only thing that would help the pain, nausea and anxiety that came with my endometriosis. i am currently being treated with rick simpson’s pheonix tears cannabis oil, hopefully i will soon be cured. since starting the treatment, i am no longer nauseous or in pain.

I’m recovering from severe rotator cuff repair surgery. The norco’s helped, but could not function with them. So just use my Medical Cannabis, eating it sure gives longer and better pain relief for me. It’s also enabled me to never have to… take antidepressants or anxiety drugs, though I do have a script for ativans. Cannabis has also helped me be a better person, Mom, Wife, and friend!!!! Free the medicine, food, fiber and fuel!!!!! Everyone should have the right to use cannabis, no matter what ails them!!!!!

If it weren’t for cannabis my liver couldn’t survive much longer from the toxicity of FDA approved drugs. Cannabis serves as a 5-in-1 therapy for me, settling my nausea, dulling my nerve pain, helping me sleep, calming my anxiety, & stimula…ting my mood and appetite. All without addiction. I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms when I run out or forget my cannabis. The medicine I must take, along with symptoms of my diseases/disorders, causes nausea, painful neuropathy, joint pain, anxiety & sleep problems. I cannot take chemical FDA approved drugs due to their toxicity.

Here’s a heads up people, there are people given prescriptions for their pain and the drug has a reverse affect, that’s right given Oxycontin and many other drugs. A normal person would sleep or be very groggy,,, not me i’m ready to go, can’t sleep my mind won’t shut off. Now when I smoke or eat weed I can sleep I feel like being around people, I feel normal.

I have Degenerative Disc Disease, MS, and PCOS: I’m in pain, I shake, life sux – UNLESS I’m smoking my mj. 🙂 I lose the shakes, my pain is completely manageable, and life is far better.

My mom has (recently developed) rheumatoid arthritis…: She hurts and is non-functional unmedicated. She will only use green dragon (tincture) when she needs an extra pain reliever, and swears by it! (Mind you, my mom was the biggest opponent to mmj, saying that people just abuse it and it has NO medicinal value. Experience changes minds!)

My aunt is battling lung cancer: The radiation and chemo are aweful! It has caused chemical burns on & under her skin. She’s now a mmj patient and uses the oil (not Simpson oil, the cooking oil) as a 3-4 t. dosage in her juice. She swears by it, says she couldn’t even get out of bed if it weren’t for “the big M”! (She was against it, wholeheartedly, just like my mom. Then she saw the help it gave my mom. They are both gloriously legal!! :D)

Not only helped but gave me my life back. It is a MIRACLE!

Medical marijuana has helped with my migraines and the stomach pain and nausea I get from taking them. Also helps my chronic back pain. Thank god for good meds.

Do you have any medical marijuana testimonials to share? Visit our Facebook page and let us know!

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