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Medical Marijuana Patient Profile: Fibromyalgia and Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Patient Profile: Fibromyalgia and Marijuana

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/19/2010 in Medical Marijuana Patient Stories

Studies show that medical marijuana is an effective medicine for fibromyalgia, and Michelle M., a 42-year old CEO-Chief Publicist of a Public Relations agency from California, can attest to that.

Michelle has been using medical cannabis for three years to combat the long-term chronic pain and anxiety associated with her fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a cureless disease that affects an estimated 12 million Americans, and is characterized by chronic muscle and joint pain, depression and anxiety, and countless other symptoms.

She discovered the medicine after her brother had used medical marijuana during his chemo and radiation treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma, and has found it to be more effective than any of the countless medicines she’s tried for fibromyalgia.

“Medical marijuana provides me relief that no prescription medication can,” Michelle says. “I’ve felt like a guinea pig as doctors tried me on one prescription after another, yet nothing worked as consistently or quickly for my nausea, anxiety and leg cramps as medical marijuana has.”

Michelle’s story can be considered a medical triumph, but socially, she still faces difficulty. Regardless of her legal status as a California medical marijuana patient, she says she has still felt like a criminal for growing and using the medication she needs, due to the stigma associated with cannabis. As more and more states pass medical marijuana laws, and more and more people learn of the therapeutic qualities of cannabis, we truly hope this is something that patients like Michelle will no longer have to endure.


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