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Medical Marijuana Miracles

Medical Marijuana Miracles

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/03/2015 in Medical Marijuana Patient Stories

While prohibitionists are still debating over the medical properties of cannabis, there are other people who are seeing real results happen right before their eyes. I think it is important that we focus on these beneficial stories in order to build a rock solid case that is undeniable by even the stringent oppose to cannabis reforms.

One of the more recent cases of Marijuana Miracles is the story about a young 9-year-old girl by the name of Amelia Weaver.

What’s the Deal with Amelia?

Amelia suffers from a condition known as Dravet’s Syndrome. This rare and catastrophic form of Epilepsy can leave the patients suffering hundreds of drop seizures per day. Essentially, ‘Drop Seizures’ renders the individual with temporary loss of muscle strength and plummets to the floor without the possible to brace for impact.

It’s a sudden thing and catches people by surprise. The little girl was suffering between 30 and 80 of these seizures per day.

Taking three drops a day of cannabis extract, she has gone seizure free for the first day in years. Over a weekend period, she only had two seizures and as her parents note, that the effects have gone far beyond simply quelling seizures.

“You can look at her now, and she’s focusing for the first time since she started having seizures,” Angie(mother) said. “She’s looking at you in the eye. … Her body has calmed down. She’s starting to smile. It’s amazing.”

Cannabis worked where conventional pharmaceutical failed, and it worked spectacularly.

What should we take from this?

One of the first most obvious take-away’s from this case is that Cannabis definitely holds medical value. There is no logical justification for its current scheduling under the Controlled Substance Act. In fact, her case alone should refute the status immediately.

It’s important to share this type of information with as many people as possible as to remove the red tape concerning cannabis research. The discoveries of late concerning medical marijuana is shifting the debate in favor of legalization and rightfully so.

For the entire duration of cannabis prohibition, the vast majority of federal funded studies related to finding the ‘negative effects of cannabis’ which is insanely irresponsible, especially considering its amazing potential for healing. The government knew of the healing properties yet decided to keep it out of the reach of the general public.

Imagine, if we actually studied cannabis for 78 years as opposed to try to bury all beneficial information surrounding the plant. How many cures would we have discovered, how much more effective would our medicine be.

Prohibition has stolen enough from the people of the world, it’s time we embrace a completely new approach to cannabis. It’s time for an honest debate!

Miracles do happen…you just need cannabis as the catalyst.

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