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Medical Marijuana Makes States Safer

Medical Marijuana Makes States Safer

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/11/2011 in Medical Marijuana News

Medical Marijuana Makes States Safer

Pro-prohibitionists will claim that medical marijuana laws create a loophole for “the children” to get ahold of cannabis. They claim that cannabis is a dangerous substance and that it contributes to community crime. But a hard look at the statistics is sobering for those that are against marijuana. According to research from NORML, medical marijuana actually makes states safer.

The good folks over at NORML took a look at the states where marijuana is legal for medical reasons, and compared its teenage use, highway fatalities, and workplace injuries the year the laws were passed, and in the years during which medical cannabis was legal. Here’s what they found:

  • In all states but Maine, teenage use is down
  • Highway fatalities are down everywhere except Rhode Island
  • Workplace injuries/illnesses are down everywhere.

All in all, medical marijuana states are looking good. Despite worries that medical marijuana would increase pot smoking among teenagers in Montana, fewer Montana high school students use marijuana now than two years ago. According to NORML, Oregon is experiencing its lowest-ever rates of workplace fatalities, injuries, and accidents. Colorado is experiencing its lowest rates in three decades of fatal crashes per million miles driven.  In medical marijuana states through Michigan in 2008, use by minor teenagers is down in all but Maine and down by at least 10%. See data for all states here.

So next time you hear someone spouting off about the evils of weed and reefer madness, remind them about the societal good that comes with passing cannabis laws.  Not to mention the countless medical benefits and good it does for seriously ill patients.

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