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Important dated for repealing SB423

Posted by Jason Draizin on 06/16/2011 in Medical Marijuana Laws

With the passing of SB423, Montana medical marijuana patients will soon have difficulties getting safe legal access to their medicine. That's why the MTCIA (Montana Cannabis Industry Association) is trying to get SB 423 repealed. Here are some imprrtant dates for the process of repealing SB423:
June 16 - 18: MTCIA will have an information table and do voter registration at Love Your Mother fest at Ryan Creek Meadows.
June 20 - 21: The hearing on the injunction against SB 423 going into effect.
June 21: Meeting of the Interim Committee on Law and Justice. They will discuss law enforcement's concerns regarding SB 423.
June 25: MTCIA fundraiser in Billings
June 25: MTCIA fundraiser in Helena
July 23: The first ever Marijuana Aid:CANNAFEST DESTINY at Ryan Creek Meadows.