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Medical Marijuana Laws Beginning to Sprout Across the Nation

Medical Marijuana Laws Beginning to Sprout Across the Nation

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 03/10/2011 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Make way for more medical marijuana. 15 states plus Washington DC have already proven their compassion and education by passing medical marijuana laws for people with certain medical conditions.  But this week two more states—Illinois and Florida—have signaled that they too may join the reefer revolution.

In Illinois, the House voted to approve the use of medical cannabis for Illinois residents who suffer from chronic pain and debilitating medical conditions like Cancer, multiple sclerosis, Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS.

The measure would require the Illinois Department f Public Health to administer the program and distribute marijuana cards to patients who have been diagnosed with an approved debilitating medical condition. Registered patients could then purchase medical marijuana at registered, non-profit medical cannabis clinics.

In order for House Bill 30 to move forward into a full blown medical marijuana law in Illinois, Governor Pat Quinn must sign on the dotted line. So far, the Governor has said that he would consider it. Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, way down south, Florida representative Jeff Clemens has filed legislation that would allow residents to vote on a constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

In a state that has an epidemic with Oxycontin, Methadone and Percocet abuse and overdoses, medical marijuana would be an amazing alternative. Currently seven people are dying every day in Florida from those prescription drugs. Guess how many die from cannabis? Zero.

The bad news is, the bill will likely have a hard time passing thanks to Florida’s conservative legislature. But it’s a start, and it will begin to get medical marijuana on the minds of the people and the politicians. Sooner or later they will begin to see the truth!

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