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Medical Marijuana Doctors Software Management Suite

Medical Marijuana Doctors Software Management Suite

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/17/2012 in Medical Marijuana

The mastermind’s that brought you MarijuanaDoctors – the medical marijuana industry’s first online search and booking platform for medical marijuana evaluations, and Cheeba – the first comprehensive search portal for everything related to marijuana, now feature the future of functionality for subscribers of MarijuanaDoctors, DeskDocMD.

DeskDocMD is a truly innovative application that brings the utmost functionality to MarijuanaDoctor’s subscriber’s desktops. With the addition of the DeskDocMD software application, the Medical Cannabis Network has made doctor’s lives in the industry that much easier. Doctor’s can now easily manage all of their patients, appointments, appointment requests and patient recommendations directly through their very own desktops. Doctor’s are capable of integrating their existing Microsoft Outlook accounts seamlessly through a familiar interface, and DeskDocMD syncs directly with each doctor’s account and updates all information in real-time fashion.

While most doctors in the medical marijuana industry are faced with large overhead costs and high operating expenses due to high start up costs and marketing expenses, DeskDocMD is meant to decrease your operating expenses. Not only will the software cut costs by using its effective practice manager solution interface, but it also increases your revenue by sending a horde of new qualified patients directly to the doors of your medical practice. Whether or not you are currently using some form of existing patient manager software or have a large staff that handles patient bookings, DeskDocMD was strictly designed to cut your costs in half with requiring little work from you.

DeskDocMD’s built-in Doctor Marketing Solution was intended to deliver nothing but the highest quality patients directly to your door. If your practice currently lacks new patients and your premiums have slowed down noticeably, DeskDocMD is the answer to all of your problems. Each patient that is sent from the DeskDocMD application generates up to $300 per patient. DeskDocMD is meant to increase the doctor’s reward entirely.

DeskDocMD also offers a 24/7 patient support and certified customer service staff that is always there to assist patients through the whole process of locating a local-based medical doctor within the patient’s region. There is also a 24/7 patient verification service that is not only offered through the phone and computer, but also directly to your phone through the DeskDocMD iPhone application. In house marketing professionals take the reins for you by building your profile through their featured website and help re-create yours in the meantime.

The future of functionality for subscribers of MarijuanaDoctors is now here, it is clearly felt with the presence of DeskDocMD, and will soon take the medical industry by storm with its innovative services. Doctor’s lives can be made easier for a small price of only $99 a month. Considering all of the services you are provided with, this is a sure bargain and potentially one of the most vital choices a practice can make. Overall, DeskDocMD is the best choice on the market for your all-in-one medical practice solution. 

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