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Medical Marijuana for Children – Breaking the Taboo

Medical Marijuana for Children – Breaking the Taboo

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/23/2013 in Medical Marijuana

A Lot of people are always arguing whether marijuana should be given to children or not. Now I am not in favor of allowing kids to use marijuana for recreation but when it comes to medical conditions we’re already giving our children far worse drugs.

Current Kid Trends

These days ADD is the latest trend for kids. Instead of telling parents to take their kids out to parks, to do “brain gymnastics”, focus exercises they are rather dosing their kids full of Ritalin. Not only does this not treat the root of the issue, but it simply drugs kids who technically are just being…well kids.

Not to mention that currently the number one drug of choice for children between 12-17 is not crack, cocaine, heroin or even marijuana. No that honor drops on the pharmaceutical industry and their prescription pain killers. More kids are abusing prescription drugs than all other currently “illegal” drugs combined.


When it comes to cancer, seizures and a plethora of other diseases parents don’t seem to have an issue with pumping their kids full of chemicals. They don’t mind that doctors use their kids as lab rats when treating diseases however parents would throw a fit if you mentioned giving your kid marijuana as a medicine.

“What about the children!?” they always exclaim while they pump their kids full of anti-psychotics, chemo radiation and so forth.

Marijuana cannot kill you …the toxicity of marijuana is very minimal, it will never give you an overdose and you can consume it as much as you want with very little risk of addiction. In fact only 9% of the population of cannabis users are truly “addicted” but the same population of “addicts” also have addictive personalities meaning they can easily get hooked on alcohol, sex, sport or whatever stimulates them properly.

Should kids get high?

Now while I don’t want to see them get high just for no reason there still is some medical benefit to the euphoria associated with cannabis consumption. It allows you to get distracted from the issues at hand and gives you some time to actually “live” for a bit.

Kids don’t have to get “high” to use cannabis medicines but why deprive a child of the feeling when it actually will benefit them in the long run. For those who don’t want to get their kids high they can always use Hash balls and oils which is consumed orally and will not provide a “high”.


In the end Medical Marijuana as a medicine for children is safer than aspirin. It’s one of the healthiest, quickest and least expensive ways to cure cancer, seizures and about 200 other diseases as well.   

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