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Maybe Cops should start smoking weed

Maybe Cops should start smoking weed

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 02/20/2015 in Medical Marijuana

Recently the Idaho police department said that legal cannabis is hurting law enforcement recruiting efforts, as they cannot hire people who have consumed cannabis over the past three years. With Washington right around the block, many of their young people travel there to smoke some weed.

I would like to take their “problem” and see if I can spin it into a solution based on the recent history of police brutality, public distrust of law enforcement and the state of mental health for law enforcement.

Should Cops Smoke Weed?

Police officers risk their lives for public safety that is if they aren’t busting peaceful potheads to fill their quotas. When they aren’t harassing tokers, they are fighting crime, catching bad guys and trying to maintain order on the streets.

A lot of the things they see are horrific in nature, the true ‘ugly side’ of society. Over time, these instances can chip away at your humanity, increase depression, rage and many other symptoms. Cannabis is a good way to keep police empathetic despite the harsh realities they are forced to witness every day.

Not only has cannabis been proven to help with PTSD, which is almost a given when you work the beat, but also helps to reduce stress. Chronic stress is one of the main contributors to depression as it suppresses the production of naturally occurring endocannabinoids. A few puffs a day can restore the natural balance by introducing cannabinoids, which are almost identical with endocannabinoids.

More approachable police officers

These days we are seeing cops that looks like they are beefed up on roids, choking people to death for selling cigarettes, pulling guns on snow fights and more. It is no secret that the public is very wary of police officers these days.

One could argue that police officers are worked so hard and under so much stress, that their lack of empathy due to a long-term exposure of societal horrors and feeling of impotence against crime results in brutal retaliation against anything that moves.

Smoking weed could help them remove the stress of their job; it could give them some peace of mind in a wicked world. In turn, with less stress, more empathy, they could respond in a more humane manner when dealing with society.

Maybe the problem isn’t that Idaho can’t recruit people who smoked pot in the past three years but rather that it should be mandatory for cops to smoke a bit of weed at the end of their shifts.

How do you think society would be if cops were allowed to smoke a bit of pot at the end of the day? Of course, we don’t want cops being baked on the job, but don’t you think they should have the right to medicate when their shift is over?

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