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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 04/01/2010 in Medical Marijuana Laws

Last week in New York, medical marijuana patient advocacy group NY Patients First unveiled a billboard depicting a woman standing in front of a run-down building, where presumably she is about to buy medical marijuana. The billboard features the NY Patients First website and reads: “This is her pharmacy. Medical Marijuana: It’s Time, NY.”

This billboard, which was sponsored by, highlights the urgency of the Medical Marijuana legislation currently pending in the State Senate. According to Evan Nison, Director of NY Patients First, the billboard likely wouldn’t have been possible without the support from

With enough public support and awareness, New York may just become the 15th state to legalize medical marijuana. New York’s Medical Marijuana legislation bill S. 4041-B, which was recently passed by the NY State Senate Codes Committee, has been referred to the Finance Committee, who would legalize medical marijuana by adding it as a line in their budget resolution. The vote could come in as early as 2 weeks from now, or as late as June. Those in favor of medical marijuana find this highly likely as medical cannabis could bring an estimated $15 million per year in revenue to the state of New York.

Public opinion polls have shown overwhelming support for legalizing medical marijuana. Even Republicans are in favor of marijuana as a medicine in New York. NY Patients First urges New York residents to contact their state senators to express their support for making marijuana legally available to seriously ill patients.

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