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Search Creates World’s First Patient Condition Tracking Software for Medicinal Marijuana Industry Creates World’s First Patient Condition Tracking Software for Medicinal Marijuana Industry

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/20/2013 in Medical Marijuana newest upgrade to its mobile application will give its physician network the unique ability to analyze the efficacies of medicinal cannabis with metric based reporting in regards to time, date, symptom type, symptom severity, ailment type, strain type, dosage level . The report will plot these points against the use of conventional medication to help physicians better understand function and the efficacious use of medicinal cannabis on patient condition.

The data inputted by the patient and viewed by the physician will bring a new level of medical understanding into the industry, while successfully providing physicians with the necessary and missing day to day feedback of patient condition between appointments. Physicians integrating medical treatments with mobile applications will be able to more efficiently grasp the total picture of a patient’s day to day struggle, and offer alternative suggestions to improve patient’s daily regiments and overall health qualities.

The team at is working around the clock mining the data to form scientific realities and understandings in regards to medicinal marijuana and its effects on patient condition. is extremely excited that for the first time, technology will fuel an understanding of one of the oldest medicines in the human pharmacopeia. pushing for the rescheduling of Cannabis to a Class II substance

Cannabis is currently classified as a Schedule 1 Substance under the 1970’s Controlled Substances Act. Under the act, Schedule 1 substances (Cannabis) have no accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, lack an accepted safety of use of the drug under medical supervision, and has a high potential for abuse.

As it is, the health and well-being of patients are being neglected as the use of medicinal cannabis is still viewed with negative stereotypes and stigmata even though there is reporting that Cannabis indeed does have medicinal benefits, See Alex EcholsDennis BloonZaki JacksonLandon RiddleCharlotte Figi to the rebuttal of CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Sanjay Gupta. . The current paradigm of the Federal Government and appropriate governing medical boards in their approach to understanding the medical efficacies of cannabis is at odds with the health and well-being of patients experiencing net benefits with the substance.

Due to fear of prosecution from authorities, the necessity to mask the use of medicinal cannabis is at odds with the well-being of patients and Doctor-Patient relationship. Due to the nature of the medicinal cannabis program, patients do not receive adequate supervision of the use of medicinal cannabis.

The mission of is to provide clarity and a better understanding of the efficacies of medicinal cannabis on debilitating condition with verifiable data. This data will create geographical hotspots of the debilitating conditions with the respect to the cannabis strains that offset the ailments and symptoms of patient experience.

With time, believes it can present this data to the FDA to prove with verifiable metrics that Cannabis does indeed have an accepted medical use in treatment and should be re-classified to allow doctors to “prescribe” medicinal cannabis to patients in need of an alternative approach to care. With this technology, will also create a mechanism by which physicians can better supervise patients while using cannabis. believes that this is only the tip of the iceberg and a teaser to what is to come from this data. The first 100 patients’ data have been reviewed from the titration tracking system and have yielded very informative data. We as a team look forward to results of our program and invite patients using medicinal cannabis to help improve upon our understanding of medicinal cannabis.

Please visit Titration Tracker and begin inputting your experiences with cannabis as we seek in rescheduling cannabis and making it more accessible to more patients. Register as a patient, access your dashboard, and click the Titration Tracker Link on the left side of the page.

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