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Should Marijuana Reform be a topic for Presidential candidates?

Should Marijuana Reform be a topic for Presidential candidates?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/08/2015 in Marijuana Politics

Next year you’ll get flooded with campaign promises on a range of social issues. One of the more pressing issues, at least for the youth is marijuana reform. While most presidential candidates would like to skip this issue, the fact of the matter is that it will only become more prevalent over time.

Not to mention there are likely eight more states that will try to legalize recreational marijuana in their states during the same time since Election years usually go well for marijuana legalization initiatives.

Why is marijuana reform such an important issue?

It’s not about getting high; it’s not about creating a nation of potheads. On the contrary, the issues of marijuana legalization extends far beyond cannabis itself. Factors like economy, health, discrimination and the criminalization of a select demographic are things that affect us all, smoker and non-smoker alike.

It has become absolutely apparent that the War on Drugs have failed and specifically to cannabis, the issue is becoming a ridiculous as more medical professionals jump on board the marijuana train and the ideological fallacies of old are quickly being disproven by modern science.

The fact is that cannabis is a safer substance that alcohol or tobacco and yet is scheduled alongside Heroin and Meth on the CSA. To maintain the current scheduling is an insult to modern civilization. Antiquated drug laws have made the US the number one prison state in the world, costing billions to tax payers and doing absolutely nothing to stop the flow of drugs into the nation.

As you can see, these issues concern every free citizen and it would be highly shameful if the potential presidential candidates avoid these issues.

The Cannabis movement will be heard

As of late, on almost every important interview the issue of marijuana reform gets brought to the attention of the politicians. This is because the cannabis enthusiasts are forcing the issue, filling out petitions and up-voting public questions directed to the candidates.

When 2016 rolls on by, we should be more vocal than ever. We should make it clear that cannabis is not a ‘low-priority’ for Americans but rather that society understands the economic and social implications of maintaining our current drug laws.

Drug consumption is not a criminal activity, it is at best a public health problem and there is absolutely no reason why the police should be monitoring your health practices.

Let your voice be heard!

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