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Would Marijuana Paranoia be a thing of the past if it was legal?

Would Marijuana Paranoia be a thing of the past if it was legal?

Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 12/04/2014 in Medical Marijuana Research

“Paranoia” is one alleged side effect of cannabis consumption however for most tokers; paranoia because of pot is a fallacy. Why do cannabis smokers become paranoid?

Simple! Because of flashing blue and red lights and the prevalent fear of being locked up, not being able to get loans and essentially stifling your future in more ways than one.

The source of paranoia

People need to understand that the paranoia associated with cannabis isn’t your “typical paranoia” where you think “someone is following you” or “the walls have eyes” but rather because some paid government thug might haul you to jail.

For most tokers, when they smoke in their homes they are quite peaceful, relaxed and simply enjoying the buzz. However, hear a cop siren outside of your house or the squawking of a radio and paranoia can set in immediately.

This is because as most cannabis smokers who live in “illegal zones” know, getting busted for smoking pot is not something you want to experience. Firstly, the idea of being treated as a criminal for smoking a plant will send shivers down anyone’s back.

Imagine that every time you drink coffee, you had the risk of going to jail. Walking around with your steaming cup of Joe would induce serious paranoia every time the “boys in blue” would pass by. This is exactly the same thing that happens with marijuana.

Every 42 seconds someone is arrested for marijuana

Roughly, every 42 seconds someone is arrested for marijuana in the US. With statistics like this, it is no surprise that cannabis smokers are paranoid as hell. The fact of the matter is that cannabis users are persecuted on a daily basis and that there are entire institutions riding on prohibition.

Close to a million people are being arrested for cannabis yearly, which in turn affects virtually every other aspect of their lives. For one, if you have a felony drug arrest you will have a tough time finding a good job.

The paranoia of the cannabis smoker doesn’t come from smoking cannabis but rather the notion that “if caught” your life could be ruined in more ways than one.

Prohibition is Paranoia

Thus, we come to the conclusion that paranoia isn’t so much a side effect of cannabis consumption, but rather the consequence of prohibition. If we end prohibition today, allow people to smoke peacefully in their homes…you wouldn’t see a paranoid stoner anywhere.

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